Children’s necklaces and bracelets

Children’s amber necklaces and bracelets – “Lithuanian Gold” – are not only suitable for wearing as jewellery, but also have healing properties. Our children’s amber beads have excellent therapeutic effects: relieve pain, improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, have an anti-inflammatory effect. When the teeth erupt, it is very convenient for a child to “massage” the gums. To ensure the safety of a baby or a child, the beads are strung on a very strong polyester (popularly called capron) cord that withstands a lot of weight. Each amber bead is separated by a knot – this is for the safety of the child. In an unlikely event of the necklace breakage, the knots would prevent the beads from falling out all at once; in this case, only one bead would fall out. Necklaces and bracelets are suitable for both boys and girls.

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